Hello Friends


In this blog, to begin with I shall be trying to share my coin collection and their relevance to the study of antiquity in an area known as Dakshina Kosala (present day Chattisgarh) a State in India. All of them shall be placed under “Pages.” I have just made a beginning and I also need to understand the intricacies involved in the presentation. My posts will cover Archaeology, Numismatics, Travel and any other thing which knocks me including contributions from friends and relatives.

By the way I need to introduce myself. My name is P.N. Subramanian, young at 66, retired but still not tired. Apart from Numismatics and Archaeology, perforce I cultivated some interest in Classical music. It is me alongside.
Mali Music(Ali Farka Toure).MP3 – Ali Farka Toure, Mali, Africa


7 Responses to “Hello Friends”

  1. A K Verma Says:

    Congratulations Mr.Subramanian, seen your blog, you look charming, no trace of Age! I hope soon we will see some great reports on Numismatics and Archeology.

    Keep writing,
    Yours, Verma

  2. Bangaloremom Says:

    Hello mama

    Congratulations on ur blog!! 😀 . Looking forward to many interesting posts from you.

  3. sreekant Says:

    cool blog……….

  4. sreenivasan Says:

    Great memoirs, it was nice of you taking me along to the cheraman perumal mosque. The scenes came live to my mind.
    Wish to see more of your comments on jainism in Malabar & Mangalore

  5. Thomas Baker Says:

    What an informed, interesting and entertaining site. Hearty congratulations! The world needs more people like you, filled with enthusiasm good will. Keep up the good work. Tom (Edinburgh, Scotland.)

  6. Navneet Says:

    Amazing Blog!

  7. Prabhat Tandon Says:

    search के option को कृपया रखिये . मैं सांची पर एक पोस्ट को आपके ब्लाग मे काफ़ी देर से search कर रहा हूँ लेकिन search option न होने से नही मिली .

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