14. Punch Marked and Gold Coins from Malhar



The first coin appearing above is in Gold but the quantity of gold seems minimal. This was worn around the neck as a pendant. Scholars opine that this is an imitation of Roman Coin.

The second one is a Silver Punch Marked coin which has been overstruck with the Malhar device . It bears four symbols. Sun at top left corner, a Bull facing right at the top right, an Elephant facing right at the bottom and the an unidentifiable truncated symbol. It weighs .75 gm. This is 1/4th of a Karshapana which are scarce The third one a silver Punch Marked Coin on which the Sun is clearly seen at top right corner. Apart from that there is an incision like marking. The fourth one, also a Silver PMC seems to bear around five symbols out of which the Sun could be seen at top right corner.

One Response to “14. Punch Marked and Gold Coins from Malhar”

  1. Ishwar karun Says:

    apko ah jankar achha lagega ki chennai me bhi punchmark sikke prapta hue hai jo yahan ke prasidh museum mehai.

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